5 Trend Setting Stores You Need To See And Be Seen In

Luxury Shopping that provides not only the chicest clothing, but worth the visit - you're jaw will drop.

So I realize we can’t all afford to shop in the newest, funkiest, most stylish, trend setting stores – but it’s still alright to go in and have a look…isn’t it? Even if the only thing in your price range is a tote bag…

Here at The Complete Chic we have compiled a list of shops that are to die, and we think that everyone ought to pay a visit to these designer shop destinations at least once in a lifetime.

  1. The Shopkeepers: Situated in Santa Barbara California, The Shopkeepers feature an eclectic mix of home ware, clothing and jewelry. Their wares are dispersed coolly around a space that mixes high fashion with art. This particular designer shop is worth a visit to peruse the antique-feeling space and has a humbling collection of black and white photography. The Shopkeepers are definitely worth a look if you have a passion for the arts.gallery-dover-street-market-1
  2. Dover Street Market, New York: Amidst the bustle of the New York City, this designer shop offers a calm destination and some serious high fashion. This hip, trend setting store also offers a gourmet cafe, so you can shop till you drop then get yourself a bagel to rejuvenate! With abstract lines and a chic wooden finish, this designer shop is one to see. They also sell some beautiful jewelry and do a swift trade in fashion forward footwear.
  3. Just One Eye: Is found in West Hollywood, CA, and present themselves as a trend-setting designer shop that marries artists and designers in a way that not only breaks the mould- but shatters it entirely. Just One Eye made our list because of its fantastic warehouse-like space, lit with strip lighting and as inviting as it is full. If you are looking for clothing that nobody else is wearing then this is the destination for you… Even if all you do is have a wander.GA-Interior-04
  4. Gallery Aesthete: Located in Chicago but hidden (intentionally) from plain sight you might find the Gallery Aesthete. This unique menswear boutique also sells an array of fine art, with the overall ambition to mix apparel with art to create beautiful, inspiring and trend setting clothing. This designer shop is meticulous with its attention to detail and their dedication to their art is what earned them a place on our list.Alchemist_gallery_4
  5. Alchemist: Is a very special designer store that is a super hot destination even if you can’t afford to shop there. Alchemist mixes high fashion and trend setting with architecture- yes, you read that right- architecture. Alchemist is located on level five of the Lincoln Road Parking Structure, Miami, and looks like a glass box from ground level. The store itself provides awe inspiring views of the city while you shop; and although I am reassured that their clothing is of the finest quality it doesn’t really matter when you are selling your wares from an architectural marvel! Bravo, Alchemist, what a wonderful way to finish off the list!

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