Designer Hotels – 5 Luxurious Places to Rest your Head

5 hotels that provide more than hospitality, sleep in style.

When we book a hotel we are secretly hoping for the best room in the house… but when we book a designer hotel we expect nothing but the very best, because we know we would be happy just sitting in the lobby! Here at The Complete Chic we have searched high and low to find five of the most inspired, most dramatic and most daring designer hotels; so if you are looking for the ‘once in a lifetime’ experience then look no further.saint_cecilia_10

  1. Hotel Saint Cecilia, Texas: The Hotel Saint Cecilia was built in honour of the patron saint of music and poetry – but that is about as close to holy as it gets. The theme here is 60’s and 70’s rock and roll, with a little bit of patriotism and a lot of colour thrown in. It is by far the most eclectic hotel in our top five, with bright, bold statement colours that make every room a surprise. Definitely a fun place to stay. There 50 foot heated pool is a must see.
  2. NoMad New York:  NoMad is a former Beaux-Arts building that has been fully restored to its former glory. Designer Jacques Garcia has dappled the hotel with French influence and the overall affect is fresh and light. With 168 rooms all dressed with artworks and offering a residential feel the NoMad boasts plenty of space. Book yourself a room overlooking the city and live in the lap of luxury by soaking in a bubbly claw-foot bath. Enjoy some of their fine curated art or eat in the wonderful restaurant downstairs.
  3. The Drifter, New Orleans: You might be forgiven for walking past this beauty but on the inside is a wonderful, almost-Habana-but-far-too-chic design that screams comfort and respite. The green and floral feel throughout is refreshing and unique, and if it gets too hot out there is always the pool to relax in. The Drifter is aimed at just that: wandering artists and creatives, and sports artwork made by local people, making it a step or two more personal than your average hotel.
  4. Hotel Lucia, Portland: This hotel is special because it is located in the middle of town and offers a quiet respite in a modern and very stylish setting. The furnishings have a homely yet up market feel, with plush coverings in earthen colours that are classic and chic. The mixture of hardwood headboards and modern computer desks are what got this hotel on the list, plus its ability to imitate its location. Hotel Lucia is somewhat famous for their photography collection, making it a must see for all you amateurs out there!gallery-image-lhorizon-6
  5. L’Horizon Resort and Spa, Palm Springs: This classy resort has been decorated in the ‘old Hollywood’ style, leaving us with an overall impression of grandeur and glamour, intended by designer Steve Hermann. With marble baths, vintage furniture and 3 acres of beautifully tended grounds – what more could you ask for in a spa? Built in 1952 by renowned architect William F. Cody and set against the backdrop of the mountain, L’Horizon Resort and Spa offers the added luxury of a full spa service to your stay…the question is whether or not you will want to leave!

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