5 Lounges/Bars That You Will Want to Add to Your Bucket List

5 Lounges/Bars in North America where you can Drool over Food and Design!

If you are in need of some fresh places to go then this could be just the list for you! When it comes to atmosphere, food and curated music then we have scoured the America’s to find the best places for you! Love to lounge or dance the night away? Then you should linger over our list!

  1. HIMITSU is a ‘by reservation only’ Japanese style cocktail lounge that is situated in the heart of Atlanta. World famous Cocktail professional Shingo Gokan makes this minimalist and chic lounge a must see for anyone looking for a unique experience. Their highly trained chefs provide light bites and desserts until late in the evening, making it the perfect place to linger the night away. HIMITSU is very exclusive, by reservation only, has no standing room and takes bookings by referral only. They also do not cater for large parties, ensuring a peaceful night spent enjoying the wares.gallery-delilah
  2. DELILAH is a restaurant/lounge situated on Santa Monica Boulevard in California. What earns this delightful lounge a place on our list is the charming 1920’s themed décor and the glamorous atmosphere of ‘old Hollywood.’ This is the place to go if you like some dancing with your drinking. The aim of ‘Delilah’ was to blend music, dancing, food and wine in a stylish setting with a graceful and charming atmosphere… We think they did pretty well!interior-design-vnyl
  3. VNYL is located on 3rd Avenue, Downtown New York, combines being a lounge/bar with a unique space designed to showcase 1970’s inspired interior design, music, fashion and art. VNYL are very proud of their quality food and beverage program, and boast only the freshest and best daily ingredients. From the custom made furniture to the artwork and 70’s themed colour scheme- this place feels like home. Designed to be a ‘residential space in a commercial building’ the atmosphere is comfortably relaxed, with a special blend of music that keeps with the theme played throughout. VNYL actually has it’s own DJ and vinyl record collection, showing just how seriously they take their tunes.interior-design-berkshire-room-chicago
  4. THE BERKSHIRE ROOM is a cocktail lounge located in Illinois that sports award winning cocktails and a chic looking bar made of clean lines and monochromatic colours. They aim to have an unpretentious yet high end service, with beautiful food and a sleek, refined setting. THE BERKSHIRE ROOM is a must see if you happen to be in Illinois!the_nice_guy_gallery_6
  5. The NICE Guy is a lounge situated in West Hollywood that has a sort of Mafia theme. The opulent surroundings seek to emulate the lavish overspending of the Mafia’s families. The whole aim of The NICE Guy is to encourage and simulate the camaraderie and friendship that go with being ‘part of the family.’ The atmosphere is warm and friendly, and thankfully lacks the fear that one might associate with a Mafia run bar. The NICE Guy provides a rather unique experience with its attentive staff and friendly warmth, definitely worth a visit!



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